The Liqid Element LQD4500 FHFL PCIe AIC SSD Honeybadger features high storage capacity and extreme performance for demanding workloads.

The Element LQD4500 offers a Gen 4.0 x16 PCIe interface, which enables high throughput and low latency transactions and utilizes the latest NVMe protocol in order to deliver increased performance and efficiency from a single device. The LQD4500 outperforms legacy architectures by delivering up to 4 M IOPS of random performance, and over 24 GB/s of throughput, and ultra-low transactional latency of 20 us.


NVMe SSD, up to 32 TB

Due to the density of our drive you can better utilize server space. This dollar per terabyte ratio dramatically drives storage costs down.

4 M IOPS and 24 GB/s

Our proprietary architecture removes system bottlenecks. This performance lowers infrastructure cost while yielding higher performance.


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Source: LQD4500 PCIe AIC SSD FHFL Honeybadger | Liqid, Inc