An update has been released for Portal 2.Improvements:  – Implemented a Vulkan render backend (currently accessible through the -vulkan command line parameter).  – Improved compile time for Perpetual Training Initiative puzzles.  – Improved advanced video settings descriptions.  – Made the game Hi-DPI aware.  – Smarter default video settings.  – Improved resolution of player avatars throughout the game.  – Players can now be invited to play co-op on controller.  – Button text contrast and padding has been improved when using a controller.  – Implemented a 360° Spin action.  – The portalgun is now correctly affected by dynamic lights (projected textures) in the scene.  – Improved client-side prediction for coop play.  – Added the ability for workshop levels to pack particles into their map with a particles/map_manifest.txt  – Misc. rendering optimizations.  – Added an icon to the game on Linux.  – Removed the “Trading Coming Soon” button.Bug Fixes:  – Fixed a crash on startup that could happen on Linux.  – Fixed a crash that could occur in some community test chambers using BEEMod on Linux.  – Fixed the credits being corrupted on Linux.  – Fixed the intro videos for acts 2 and 3 not playing on Linux.  – Fixed the game starting in the top left corner of the screen on Linux.  – Fixed a crash in the PeTI if you placed a light strip above a laser catcher on the floor and linked it to a fizzler.  – Fixed the fizzler not playing the retract animation when turned off in new PeTI maps.  – Fixed being able to copy ‘uncopyable’ items in the PeTI leading to invalid/broken levels.  – Fixed some items in PeTI not maintaining their portalability state when expanding the chamber boundaries.  – Fixed a crash if PeTI avatars could not be retrieved.  – Fixed Cave Johnson’s lines not progressing when playing queued workshop levels.  – Fixed a memory leak that could occur when changing levels.  – Fixed a bug where you could no longer ping/taunt via mouse/keyboard if you have ever used a controller.  – Fixed the ping menu being visible when quick pinging on controller.  – Fixed the game instructor not respecting input types for respective players in split-screen mode.  – Fixed rumble not being respected for respective players in split-screen mode.  – Fixed the wrong avatar being used if playing coop after playing a workshop level.  – Fixed the OnFiredPortal2 output not firing.  – Fixed some text being duplicated on the screen multiple times.,,Read More