Valve shares SteamWorks toolset with PC development world

Steamworks are enabling new functionality to better support gaming soundtracks on Steam. This new functionality can broadly be broken into two categories: fixing customer experience issues with the current “soundtrack-sold-as-DLC” model, and completely new features.


Today there’s a new “soundtrack” app type. For music content, this has many improvements over DLC:

  • customers can now purchase soundtracks without purchasing the base game.
  • customers can now download soundtracks without downloading the base game.
  • customers can browse and manage their owned and downloaded soundtracks directly from the new Steam library.
  • customers can configure a Steam “music” directory where all soundtrack content will be placed, rather than having to locate it in subdirectories of game content.
  • developers can upload and manage soundtrack content entirely through the partner site, without using steamcmd.
  • developers can sell soundtracks where the base game itself is not available for sale on Steam.

Moving forward, we encourage all soundtracks to use the new app type, rather than DLC.


Source: Steam Community :: Group :: Steamworks Development