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A Tour of Tokyo Game Show’s Best Booths and Geekiest Merch


Yes, there’s a life-size statue of Norman Reedus, but no, you can’t buy it.

Tokyo Game Show has come around once again, and while the show is perhaps not what it once was, there are always a few publishers that go all out and do something special. I mean, if you’re going to bring Resident Evil 2 back, it really only makes sense to recreate the Raccoon City P.D. building – complete with body bags – on the show floor, right?

See snaps of this and a few other highlights in the slideshow below.

There’s also a whole load of sweet gaming merch to buy, and as always Square Enix’s store had a heap to see.

Here’s a look at merch from several of the other stores at the show.

And in case you missed it, you can read about the Kojima Productions merch here, or check it out below!

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Cam Shea is Editor in Chief for IGN’s Australian content team and tries to spend as much time as possible in Japan. He’s on Twitter.


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