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HomeGaming NewsAMD says Radeon Pro V340 is a dual-GPU ‘beast’ based on Vega

AMD says Radeon Pro V340 is a dual-GPU ‘beast’ based on Vega

AMD unveiled a new dual-GPU graphics card over the weekend, though it’s not for consumers. Instead, the company’s new Radeon Pro V340 will power virtualized workloads in the datacenter, potentially including cloud gaming solutions.

The company referenced cloud gaming as one of the applications the new card is purpose-built to handle, along with enterprise workloads, CAD, graphics rendering, and desktop as a service (DaaS).

“The V340 is a beast,” AMD says. “It’s a dual-GPU solution based on the advanced AMD ‘Vega’ architecture, optimized to deliver extreme performance and high user density for virtualized environments.”

It’s also the first VDI hardware solution equipped with 32GB of HBM2 memory and 512GB/s of memory bandwidth, to help with complex designs and media workloads. Each card supports up to 32 virtual machines, “up to 33 percent more” than Nvidia, with multiple users being able to share the card’s resources.

Armed with two GPUs built on the same 14nm FinFET manufacturing process as other Vega GPUs, the Radeon Pro v340 boasts 112 compute units and 7,168 stream processors to throw at workloads.

In short, this is essentially two Vega 56 graphics cards packed into one, at least in terms of the GPUs. Memory bandwidth is higher on the Radeon Pro V340, though AMD didn’t specify other key details, such as clockspeeds and peak compute performance.

Cloud-based gaming has yet to really catch on, in part because of challenges related to latency. There are efforts to push the concept though, most notably LiquidSky’s online service and Nvidia’s GeForce Now closed beta.


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