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Bungie Files Trademark for ‘Matter’ in the EU

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Several months ago, the video game developer Bungie officially announced a partnership with NetEase, the Chinese Internet technology company, in order to create a brand new intellectual property. Now, the studio behind Destiny 2 has filed a trademark in the EU for “Matter”, which has led many to speculate that this is going to be the official title of the aforementioned IP.

When Bungie initially announced its collaboration with NetEase, the developer stated that it aimed to “become an entertainment company that sustains many worlds simultaneously”, with plans including the further growth of Destiny and “new worlds to come”. As indicated by the “Matter” art and logo further above, it definitely doesn’t appear to be a design that’s congruent with any of Bungie’s extant IPs, so there’s a good chance the trademark filing with the EU is in preparation for an official announcement of the studio’s new game.


For those unaware, Bungie signed a $100 million deal with NetEase in order to work on a new IP, with the latter owning a minority stake in the former. With this being the case, it will be interesting to see just how much NetEase influences the creation of the Destiny studio’s next project. Of course, with there only being a single promotional image to go on at this point in time, there’s still no telling whether or not “Matter” is actually Bungie’s new game.

Be that as it may, there’s no doubt that plenty of Bungie fans are curious to learn what the company has cooked up next, and if “Matter”–should that even be the new game’s official name–will be a major departure from the studio’s previous efforts. So, with 2018 rounding the corner into its last few months, there’s a possibility that we may get an announcement about the developers’ next standalone project soon. When that could be is anyone’s guess, but perhaps Bungie will show off something for its new IP during the Xbox X0 event in November.

Source: EUIPO


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