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Cayde Is At His Most Badass In New Destiny 2: Forsaken Trailer

Unless you’ve been avoiding any of the new story-centric trailers for Destiny 2‘s upcoming Forsaken DLC expansion, you know Cayde-6 is in a bad way. A new trailer for Forsaken that debuted at Gamescom 2018 has revealed exactly what precipitated our previous look at Cayde’s apparent final moments. And if Destiny’s most interesting character has to go out, at least he’s doing so like a badass.

Created in collaboration with Blur Studio, the trailer shows Cayde fighting off numerous enemies who have escaped the Prison of Elders. While he’s often used as the comic relief (thanks to the excellent voice acting of Nathan Fillion, who has been replaced), here he’s fighting for his life. And while he holds his own for a while, his Ghost is ultimately destroyed and he finds himself on death’s door.

We’ll have to wait for Forsaken to find out exactly how things play out from here and if Bungie has some kind of swerve up its sleeve. The DLC will bring much more than just a possible conclusion to the tale of Cayde; this is the biggest expansion to date, appearing to be on par with the original Destiny’s acclaimed Taken King DLC. It includes new superclasses and Supers, weapons and gear, locations, and more.

Another big component of Forsaken is Gambit, a hybrid PvP/PvE mode that was revealed back at E3. Those eager to try it fortunately won’t have to wait to do so, as a limited-time free trial will be held just ahead of Forsaken’s launch. PS4, Xbox One, and PC players who own the game will be able to jump into Gambit on September 1 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST until the same time on September 2.

Forsaken releases on September 4. Unlike the first two DLC expansions, it’s not included in the original Expansion Pass. You can read more in our Forsaken pre-order guide, and find out exactly how and when the day one patch will be rolled out.


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