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Cooler Master’s latest case aims to let you build a PC your way, for a hefty price

Do you ever feel like case makers are holding you down? Feeling suffocated by the lack of building options that most cases provide? Are you willing to pay through the nose to break the chains of oppressive cases that only allow you to build a PC a certain way? Then Cooler Master’s new Cosmos C700M might be for you.

The new Cosmos C700M is an updated take on the the Cosmos C700P, which is our favorite full tower chassis for flashy builds. Like that case, the Cosmos C700M is a big enclosure with support for up to extended ATX (E-ATX) motherboards (up to 12 x 10.7 inches). How you mount the motherboard is up to you—the case supports three different layouts, including the conventional orientation, an inverted layout, or a chimney layout that positions the expansion slots up top.

“From multi-functional brackets to options in component positioning, the Cosmos C700M encourages freedom in building and out-of-the-box customizability,” Cooler Master says.

The C700M doesn’t look to be vastly different from the Cosmos C700P. It features the same overall look, aluminum handles, and dual curved tempered side glass panels, but with an updated lighter tint for a better view of the interior. It also has addressable RGB lighting strips that run from the top of the case, down the front, and to the bottom. There’s a button on the front I/O to toggle the lighting settings. 

The Cosmos C700M comes with a 400mm riser cable, which you can use to mount your graphics card so that it faces outward, either horizontally or vertically. Also included is a flat radiator bracket, with options to mount liquid cooling radiators in the top, front, or bottom of the case. The two included brackets each support up to a 420mm radiator, along with fans on either side.

For storage, there are four SSD drive bays, plus a 4+1 combo accessory for installing even more 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drives.

There’s quite a bit going on here, in terms of the case’s modular design and various features. The catch is that it doesn’t come cheap. The Cosmos C700M will be available to preorder in North America on October 8 starting at $439.99. In the UK, you can buy the Cosmos C700M right now as part of a complete build from PC Specialist, which has exclusive rights to the case until the end of 2018. Starting in January, it will be more broadly available for £414.99. We’ll have a review going up later today.


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