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Destiny 2 annual pass won’t add new planets, but will add new ‘bubble’ locations

The Destiny 2 annual pass has been the cause of some confusion since it was announced in June. While players have known the names of the three annual pass add-ons (Black Armory, Joker’s Wild and Penumbra), the contents have remained mostly a mystery. In a recent video, Bungie clarified the themes of each expansion, confirmed the return of heavy machine guns and promised new activities for players who do and don’t own the annual pass.

During a Q&A with Destiny 2: Forsaken’s game director Steve Cotton and project lead Scott Taylor at Bungie’s studio, we asked the developers if there would be any new locations for Guardians to explore come Black Armory, Joker’s Wild and Penumbra.

“We’re going to have new places to check out,” said Taylor. “Sorry, I should be specific. What we call ‘bubbles’ or new spaces; I’m not saying new planets.”

Cotton reiterated that no new planets would be added over the next year.

In the video, which shows off some of the annual pass content, players are seen hanging out in several new locations. The Black Armory section shows players in what looks to be some kind of underground bunker, where the Penumbra section suggests that Guardians will be able to patrol the Leviathan ship that housed Destiny 2’s first raid.

“No new planets” also leaves room for returning locations from the original Destiny. Most notably, the final cinematic in Destiny 2’s core campaign — which has accurately shown the areas we’ve gone to since launch — shows off Oryx’s Dreadnaught and Saturn after the Reef. It’s a stretch, but we could see a return to the giant Hive ship.

However, these bubble locations could also be small areas carved out of existing planets, increasing the playable space for locations like Mercury or the EDZ. We should find out closer to the first annual pass’ release, Black Armory, this December.


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