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Destiny 2 Forsaken’s Spider Bounty — Wanted: Gravetide Summoner

Destiny 2‘s latest weekly reset has brought with it yet another set of activities to take part in, and a new round of bounties from Spider. If you’ve been playing since the launch of Forsaken, you likely know what to expect, and the highlight as always when it comes to Spider is the bounty that rewards you with Powerful gear. For this week, it’s Wanted: Gravetide Summoner. Here’s where to go and how to complete the mission.

Unlike the majority of Spider’s bounties, there’s little confusion about where to go with the one that rewards Powerful gear. You’ll receive an Adventure in the Director on the planet where the target is located, which in this case is Titan (right near The Rig Landing Zone). Head there to start the mission–Bungie’s recommended Power level for it is 540. You can watch a video of the action above; it essentially consists of a fight against a tough ogre before you get to face your ultimate target.

Manage to complete the Adventure and you’ll net yourself some Powerful gear. This is among the most desirable form of reward in Destiny 2, as it’s likely to increase your Power level (making you more powerful and potentially making more high-level activities viable to you). As such, it’s good to knock out as many challenges and bounties each week as possible that offer them, such as this Spider bounty and the Ascendant Challenge.

Alongside the weekly reset, Bungie has launched a new Crucible mode called Breakthrough. It will be featured in its own playlist for this week before transitioning into the Competitive playlist. You’ve also got a new Ascendant Challenge if you’re looking for something difficult to tackle, as well as the next mission from Petra to continue the story that has developed since Forsaken’s Raid was beaten for the first time.


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