Fallout Miami mod details story beginnings and joinable Enclave faction


The Fallout Miami mod brings sun, sea and sand to the post-apocalypse. Its latest update explores its story beginnings, and one of its main joinable factions—The Enclave. 

By following the tale of mod protagonist the Sole Survivor, Fallout Miami takes place in late 2287, ten years after the Battle of Raven Rock. The project’s latest blog post explains that two years before the fall of Raven Rock, The Enclave sent a team to Miami Beach to establish a stronghold. Communications were ultimately lost, and thus begins The Enclave’s involvement with the player in The Magic City. 

The following armoured Enclave vehicle cannot be driven, sadly, but it looks cool nonetheless. 

The blog post then turns its attention to Colonel Magnus, whose concept art comes courtesy of project member Qsy. 

“The burden of command is a heavy one, even for an experienced officer,” says the post. “The rock-solid image of the dependable commander is just as often a facade as it is a foundation. In the case of Colonel Magnus—it’s a little bit of both. 

“Driven, loyal to the cause, able, and stretched thin as a rail, he does everything he can to keep his ship on course. The responsibilities are many, the quiet moments few, and he has to somehow find time not only to command this operation but to also be a father. Getting some sleep wouldn’t be bad either.”

Captain Killian Beckett, we’re told, is an Enclave companion. 

“Let me ask you this—what happens when a man loses everything except his mission?” asks the blog. “Family, loved ones, certainty in what tomorrow will bring? He has a choice—lose himself in his purpose or hold on to the hope of a brighter future and just work towards it. Captain Beckett took the latter path. A model soldier and citizen in many ways, Killian just tries to do his job as best he can. 

“Although he might not always agree with his orders or the way the Enclave intend to achieve their ultimate goal, he remains loyal and believes in the dream of rebuilding the United States of America. He doesn’t let the bitterness and doubts get to him; a cold beer, someone to talk to, and clear objectives are all he needs.”

Beckett’s concept art is by team member CynicalBounce.

More information on that and more lives on Fallout Miami’s site



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