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Former Telltale devs share the best goofs you never saw

Telltale Games as we know it ceases to exist. The studio laid off a devastating majority of its staff — around 250 people — last week in response to financial troubles. Many of its projects are effectively canceled. The future of a few others, like The Walking Dead’s final season, remain up in the air. Those who loved the studio’s work have been reminiscing over the past week, and in addition to fans sharing their favorite moments, many former developers have used the studio’s closure as an opportunity to share internal jokes.

Campo Santo developer Jake Rodkin, who worked on the first season of The Walking Dead, posted several videos to a YouTube channel. Best among them is an, uh, alternative ending to the first season of The Walking Dead created by Sean Ainsworth. Spoilers, I guess?

Another story shared by Molly Maloney explained one change that actually did make it into the final product. “When we requested the animation for Rhys turning off Hyperion monitors in Tales from the Borderlands ep 5, the requested anim was worded as ‘Rhys flips off the monitors as he runs by,’” Maloney wrote on Twitter. “What we got back was so good [Nick Herman] decided to just go wth that.”

In other words:

Former developer Shaun Finney shared several joke scenes, from The Walking Dead to Tales from the Borderlands.

Developer Marius Winter shared a video from one of Telltale’s early games Back to the Future. “I made cutscenes for the Telltale Back to the Future game,” Winter wrote. “One time the colors were all messed up, and I couldn’t stop myself from making this video.”

Fans and developers continue to show an outpouring of love for the lost studio. On Twitter, #TelltaleMemories is home to odes to the developer’s best moments. There’s even a thread going around with a list of developers who fans can send donations to. Telltale may be nearly gone for good, but its spirit lives on through the people that made its games — and its goofs.


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