Fortnite is Getting Another Vehicle, And This One Breaks Down Walls


Fortnite‘s Battle Royale mode is no stranger to vehicles being playable, from shopping trolleys to four person golf carts, the game has experimented with wheeled transport before, but the newest vehicle coming to the game sounds like it’s going to offer something a little different for players.

The new vehicle, revealed by Fortnite‘s in-game daily news alerts, is called the QuadCrasher, and it seems a lot more offensively minded than past ways of getting around the map. The QuadCracher is a quad bike style vehicle which can apparently be charged up to either get some air or, more interestingly, smash through player build structures.

We don’t know what level of structure destruction the new vehicle will be capable of, or if it will charge the same way as the ATK golf buggy (a Mario Kart-style drift charge), but the idea of a fast-moving way to demolish a late game defensive tower sure is appealing.

We don’t know much else about the QuadCrasher right now. It looks like it might be a two person maximum vehicle and will presumably be added to the game fairly soon, but exactly when or what it can do will remain a mystery for now.



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