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Fortnite’s Floating Island Is Leaving Weird Craters On The Map

There has been no shortage of strange happenings in Fortnite recently, particularly in the weeks lead up to the start of Season 6. The infamous purple cube that appeared in the desert back in August sunk into Loot Lake at the end of Season 5, and it has since risen into the air, taking a giant chunk of land with it. Now that floating island is on the move, and it’s having a dramatic effect on the landscape.

This past weekend, Fortnite’s floating island began traveling around the map. It’s unclear where it’s heading, but it appears to be retracing the same path it first took as the cube back in Season 5, revisiting all of the runes it initially left in its wake. Shortly after it started moving, Fortnite Master reported that it made its way southwest of Pleasant Park, where it raised the chunk of land on which the rune rested into the air and created volcanic craters beneath it.

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It remains to be seen what this portends for Fortnite this season, but the craters themselves don’t seem to have any negative effects on players. Jumping into them will simply cause you to bounce out, as was the case when the cube plunged into Loot Lake and turned the entire body of water purple and bouncy.

We may not know why the floating island is traveling around the map, but it appears it will continue change as the season rolls on. Dataminers have discovered a folder called “CubeGrowth” within the game’s files, which seems to suggest that the cube will increase in size, although Epic hasn’t formally confirmed this.

Season 6 of Fortnite: Battle Royale is now underway on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile. In addition to some notable map changes, Epic released a new Battle Pass, which features an assortment of new cosmetic items–such as Pets–to get your hands on. You can see all of them in our Season 6 rewards gallery. You can also find tips on how to complete Fortnite’s latest challenges in our Season 6 challenge roundup if you need help unlocking them.


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