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Fortnite’s Shockwave Grenades let you launch players through structures

Everything we know about Fortnite Season 6 suggests we’re just weeks away from yet more big map changes, a new battle pass, a new theme, and plenty of new skins. Till then, Fortnite’s Season 5 still has plenty to offer—such as its v5.30 content update, which is live now. 

Following last week’s full v5.30 update, this content offering brings Shockwave Grenades, gold-plated weapons and a new limited-time mode. Built to “knock players back and destroy objects in their path after being knocked back”, Shockwave Grenades prevent allies, enemies and vehicles impacted by the projectile from taking fall damage. 

They’re of Epic rarity, drop in stacks of two and can be hoarded in stacks of six. They look like this:

Elsewhere, the Solid Gold LTM lets players battle “with all legendary weapons”. Fight your pals and fiercest enemies with this array of flashy firearms:

On the Save the World front, the new Mythic Bladestorm Enforcer Ninja hero rolls out tomorrow; while the Weekly Horde Challenge 4 kicks off today. 

This Epic blog post offers more on Fortnite’s v5.30 content update.


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