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Free Overwatch Golden Loot Box Available For Twitch / Amazon Prime Members

We could all use some free, no-strings-attached Overwatch loot, couldn’t we? Who doesn’t want more skins, emotes, and voice lines for their beloved heroes? If you’re a Twitch / Amazon Prime member, you can grab a free Golden Loot Box right now. All you have to do is hop over to Twitch and click the crown-shaped icon near the search bar. There you’ll find a new Overwatch bonus waiting for you. (And if you haven’t grabbed September’s free PC games, you can pick them up as well).

PC players can hop right into Overwatch to find their loot box waiting for them. Console players can click here to link their PlayStation or Xbox Live account with their Blizzard account. Once you’ve jumped through the hoops, you’re good to go. Read the FAQ if you run into trouble during any of the steps.

Golden Loot Boxes contain a random assortment of goodies for your characters, but they’re guaranteed to have at least one Legendary item. You can secure this free loot box between now and October 10, and you’ll have to boot up the game to claim it before the end of the year, or you’ll lose out.

This Overwatch freebie follows two Wrecking Ball loot boxes Twitch offered to Prime members in August. One additional Golden Loot Box will be free for Prime members in October.

If you don’t have a Prime account, you can get a free one-month trial by signing up here. It gets you free two-day shipping on many items and access to Amazon Prime video and music. Also included is Twitch Prime, which gets you a free channel subscription and a handful of free PC games each month, plus in-game loot for titles like PUBG, Fortnite, and of course Overwatch.


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