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Fun Dog Studios to Unveil Tactical Survival Horror Game “Forever Winter” at IGN Fan Fest | PCGaming 1 News

Fun Dog Studios, a game development company founded by former triple-A game developers in 2022, has announced that it will be unveiling its tactical survival horror game, Forever Winter, at the IGN Fan Fest on February 21. The studio was created with the goal of providing its team with creative independence through an employee-owned venture.

About Fun Dog Studios

Fun Dog Studios was established in 2022 by a group of experienced game developers who wanted to break away from the constraints of traditional game development companies and pursue their creative visions in a more autonomous setting. By forming an employee-owned venture, the team at Fun Dog Studios has been able to maintain control over their projects and prioritize creative freedom.

Forever Winter

Forever Winter is a tactical survival horror game that promises to deliver a chilling and immersive gaming experience. Set in the desolate and unforgiving winter landscape, players will have to navigate through harsh conditions, fend off terrifying creatures, and make difficult decisions to survive. The game’s unique blend of strategy and horror elements is sure to keep players on the edge of their seats.

IGN Fan Fest Unveiling

The decision to unveil Forever Winter at the IGN Fan Fest demonstrates Fun Dog Studios’ commitment to showcasing their game to a wide audience of gaming enthusiasts. By participating in this popular event, the studio will have the opportunity to generate excitement and anticipation for the release of Forever Winter.


With the upcoming unveiling of Forever Winter at the IGN Fan Fest, Fun Dog Studios is poised to make a significant impact on the gaming industry. The studio’s dedication to creative independence and innovative game development shines through in their debut title, and fans of tactical survival horror games are eagerly awaiting the chance to experience Forever Winter for themselves.


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