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Game Where You Play As A Jerk Goose Is Coming To PC And Nintendo Switch Next Year

Push Me Pull You developer House House has announced a release window for its latest project: Untitled Goose Game. The humorous puzzle game will launch for PC and Mac in early 2019, and now the developer has confirmed it will also arrive for Nintendo Switch during that same time frame.

Untitled Goose Game puts players in the roll of a mean goose that wreaks all manner of trouble on unsuspecting NPCs. The game gives you a “to-do” list of tasks to complete, and you’ll need to manipulate objects around the environment to figure out how to clear each objective. One, for instance, is to enter a garden, but the gate is closed. You need to pick up a nearby radio with your beak to get the groundskeeper’s attention, then slip in when he opens the gate to investigate.

Alongside the release window announcement, publisher Panic has shared a new trailer for Untitled Goose Game. The video, which you can watch above, showcases the kinds of mischief you’ll be able to cause in the game. A new website and Steam listing for Untitled Goose Game have also just launched.

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We got our first look at Untitled Goose Game back in 2017. The developer shared a three-minute clip of pre-alpha gameplay, showing the goose harassing the aforementioned groundskeeper, getting him wet, stealing his keys and carrots, and finally holding a little picnic for itself by the lake.

PAX West attendees will have a chance to go hands-on with Untitled Goose Game. Panic will have an “early version” of the game–along with the “near-final” Switch build of Firewatch–on display at its booth. Untitled Goose Game will also be playable at Nintendo’s booth. Additionally, Panic will have a variety of Untitled Goose Game t-shirts and socks for sale in limited quantities. You can take a look at the t-shirt designs above.


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