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GMs: Build Quick & Easy RPG Maps With DungeonFog



I was made aware of and how easy and streamlined it can be to use. They’ve just opened up their platform where anyone can make a free account and I cannot stress how easy it will make your life no matter how you run your games. Whether you like to use virtual tabletop, play with projectors, or just want to give your players some idea of what they’re walking into then DungeonFog is for you.

Ease of Use

The first barrier to entry for many is just how easy something is to use. The easiest part with this service is that you can copy any map into your own library as long as it has been shared with the community. There have been a lot of community contributions so far, but the community grows so will the resources! You can take those maps that have been made and easily repurpose them quickly and efficiently for your own uses. On top of that, if the person who made it was using it for a single-night adventure (or one-shot) or if they just loved detailing everything, then you’ll get all of those notes as well.


The Tools

If you’ve used any kind of photo editing software then you’ll be able to jump into making maps right away. Everything is set on a stage where can customize the material you’re building upon or in (if you’re designing caves or dungeons).

Room Builder: When you’re building your rooms, everything is just point and click. This leads back to the ease of use, but by default, everything is attached to the gridlines. You can hold shift when you’re drawing your rooms or whatever else you may be doing to freehand at your leisure if standard angles aren’t your jam. Once you’ve put your lines down, you can quickly and easily adjust the thickness of your inner and outer walls. They’ve also built in a hand curvature tool so that you can round out walls, make them concave, or shape them however else you might like with a simple click through. This makes building those balconies or sky prisons even easier by taking the walls away and exposing those rooms to open (or subterranean) elements.


I just put together 2 different sized rooms in a matter of seconds and adjusted the thickness of their inner and outer walls.


In this wonderful provided photo, you can see the curvature they’ve created with the tool as it is highlighted. It allows for sure easy angles.

Creating custom RPG maps has never been easier. DUNGEONFOG lets you focus on your story while creating marvelous maps for your adventures. Check it out for free on or use the promo code GEEKANDSUNDRY to get 10% discount on your first annual premium subscription!


Image Credits: DungeonFog (featured image map Cityscape by DungeonFog user @BGSimplified)



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