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Steam drops another 6 free games in hefty 30-game February giveaway

     ​    PCGaming 1 News Read More  ​While gaming can be a very pricey hobby with the latest AAA releases continuing to rise in price with the launch...
HomeGaming NewsGoogle’s $50 Titan security keys are now available in the US

Google’s $50 Titan security keys are now available in the US

Google began requiring its 85,000 employees to use Titan Keys last year and once it did, the company said it didn’t have a single instance where an account was taken over through a phishing attack. While two-factor authentication is recommended for strong security protections, not all methods are equal. Physical security keys like Titan or Yubikey are considered safer than methods requiring SMS messages, for example, since those could be intercepted by hackers.

Titan Security Keys are available to US customers now through the Google Store. The company says they’ll be available in additional regions soon.


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