‘GTA V’ Gets Invaded by the Predator Thanks to This Mod


The Predator isn’t just coming for the box office, he’s coming for Los Santos as well thanks to this Grand Theft Auto V mod currently in the works. You can check out those terrifying moves in the video above to see how this new enemy makes the streets his.

This GTA V Predator script is available now to download, though it is currently still a work in progress. What makes this mod awesome is not only the obvious, but the creator also included a Cloak Mode that lets players go invisible to evade cops in-game.

Other features include:

-Stab attacks using the hand blades

-Throw stabbed victims

-Shoulder Cannon

-“Animated” Combi Stick (Spear) that can be thrown against victims or used to stab the victims

-Mini nuke explosion for the Self Destruct feature (beta)

-Fake Green glowing blood FX

This modder has brought us some incredible experiences for the world of Grand Theft Auto, we’ve covered his Thanos, Hulk, and even Dragon Ball creations in the past. To see a full list of his current projects – as well as updates on what’s new – you can check out his Patreon right here to learn more.

He also has detailed “WIP” videos to show every time a new feature is added to his current projects. This let’s those interested in the mods he creates not only see the process, but also to fully understand how it works to get the most enjoyment out of it. These videos also help to ensure that the mot updated version of the mod is in use.

You can also download the Grand Theft Auto V mod right here to get started! We’d recommend looking at the different meshes used to make sure that it’s compatible with any pre-existing mods already in place.

With The Predator in movie theaters right now, it’s the perfect time to honor this iconic foe. Whether you’re a fan of the long-standing franchise or not, it’s a random – yet perfect – addition to any game while its movie counterpart provides an entertaining horror experience.

Happy gaming!

You can contact the author of this story on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy.



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