The New update for Fallout 76 is set to arrive on Tuesday, October 19, and with it Halloween will descend on Appalachia like costumed Dwellers on a bowl full of candy. Quite literally, hungry trick-or-treaters will haunt your doorstep in search of some sweets and Challenge rewards. Even the Scorched that prowl the Wasteland will be dressing in their most hair-raising attire and dropping special treats. Grab your favorite costume and read on to catch all the details so that you can join in the fun before these spine-tingling events expire on November 2.

Halloween and Bombs Drop Day are fast-approaching, and we’ve rounded up all the details you’ll need to join in the holiday festivities.

Source: Fallout 76: Inside the Vault – Spooky Scorched, Trick-or-Treating, Bombs Drop & More!