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Last Chance To Buy This Square Enix RPG Before It’s Gone From Steam

If PC is your platform of choice and you’re a fan of Square Enix’s role-playing games, you might want to pick up The Last Remnant as soon as possible. The publisher says it will discontinue sales of both the digital and physical versions of the PC game on September 4. Anyone who already has a copy will be able to continue playing after that date, which makes acquiring the game now somewhat urgent. Between now and September 4, you can buy The Last Remnant on Steam for $10.

First released in 2008, The Last Remnant follows the story of Rush Sykes, a man on a mission to rescue his kidnapped sister, Irena. Before long, Rush finds himself wrapped up in a much bigger plot that involves mysterious artifacts from antiquity known as Remnants.

The game initially launched on Xbox 360, where it was prone to framerate issues, long loading times, and several other problems. Its PC port, which launched in 2009, is “far superior,” according to GameSpot’s The Last Remnant PC review.

“It features a rich, original fantasy world, obviously crafted with great care and artistry, and it tells a strong, politically charged tale that will keep you glued to the screen. Although somewhat flawed, the battle system is fun to play around with, particularly in the second half when enormous armies go head to head in some dramatic, bloody showdowns.”

If that sounds like a game you want in your Steam library, make sure to pick it up before September 4. Square Enix didn’t say why it’s removing The Last Remnant from circulation, but it’s nice to get a heads-up before it vanishes for good.


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