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Musical adventure Wandersong takes the stage later this month

Wandersong, a cutesy indie adventure about a bard who sings to stop the end of the world, was on our January list of 2018 indie games we were most excited about, and now it has a release date: September 27. 

You’ll have a wheel of notes to choose from at any time, and different things will respond to your tunes in different ways. You’ll break up a bar brawl, navigate a ship through rough waters, battle a giant snow monster and banish a ghost, working out the right notes to hit each time. It’s wonderfully colourful, and seems to have a sense of humour. I’m looking forward to it.

The ultimate goal of your travels is to find pieces of the legendary Earthsong, which is “said to prevent the universe’s imminent end”.

It’ll be out on Steam and the Humble Store, and it’ll cost $19.99. You can watch the original trailer below to see more of the puzzles.

Thanks, RPS.


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