Refined sim hoops at 4K and 60fps. YESSSS!!

NBA 2K19 is just around the corner (it releases on September 11), but in the meantime 2K was kind enough to bring a recent build of the sim basketball game to IGN. They brought the Xbox One X version, complete with 4K/60fps visuals. It makes one heck of a first impression, certainly in the graphics department, and in the gameplay as well.

Check out a few first-quarter gameplay clips below. First is LeBron and the Lakers doing some ice-cold shooting (my fault!) against Giannis and the Bucks. Second is the first quarter of action between the Warriors (watch out for a healthy-in-the-game DeMarcus Cousins doing damage in the post!) battling the Rockets. Finally, the 76ers come out shooting the ball well in a quarter of gameplay against Anthony Davis and the Pelicans. Watch for the new Takeover mechanic – shown when a player’s icon catches on fire – signifying the temporarily enhanced skills of that player during the hot streak. Enjoy!

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