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New Fortnite Update Patch Notes: Map, Lightning, Rift-to-Go, More

Epic Games has launched a new update, v5.30, for Fortnite. The patch has arrived on all platforms–PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile–and it introduces new items to both Battle Royale and Save the World modes, along with an assortment of bug fixes and other improvements. And with it live, we finally have the Week 7 challenges. [Update: Additionally, another update–v5.30.1–has been released to roll back the controversial controller aiming changes mentioned below.]

On the Battle Royale side, Epic has introduced the previously teased Rift-to-Go. As its name suggests, this Epic rarity item is a portable rift that you can use to warp into the air and skydive back down. The rifts will last for 10 seconds once they’ve been activated, so other players will also have a brief window of time to jump into them.

The map has changed, as Risky Reels is now home to a fan film you can watch. More significantly, Tomato Town has been replaced by Tomato Temple, where you’ll find a large pyramid in place of the old restaurant. There are also reportedly lightning strikes happening around the map.

Epic has also tweaked a handful of other weapons in Battle Royale. Now, Clingers will only detonate once their timer is up, while the Double Barrel Shotgun’s spread has been reduced by 15% when crouching. Epic has also slightly decreased the equip time of the Pump Shotgun and increased the max stack size of Impulse Grenades by one. Additionally, changes have been made to controller sensitivity that have proven problematic; Epic is now trying to roll them back. And, in a more delightful change, you can now thank the bus driver.

Beyond that, the latest update marks the start of a new limited-time mode called Score Royale. This mode has players scrambling to be the first to surpass the designated high score, and they’ll earn points by collecting coins, acquiring loot, and eliminating other players. The storm circle at the start of the match is also larger than normal, while the late-game circles close in more rapidly.

On the Save the World side, Epic has added the Bundlebuss Assault Rifle to the Weekly Store. This powerful new gun with a large magazine will only be available from August 23-29. A new Horde Weekly Challenge is also now available to take on.

You can find the full patch notes for update 5.30 on the Fortnite website. This week’s batch of challenges will arrive a little later than usual, rolling out on Friday, August 24, instead of on Thursday like they normally do. In the meantime, you can find guides for all the missions that are currently available in our complete Season 5 challenge guide.

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