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New Rainbow Six Siege PC Update Out On TS; Patch Notes Released

Ubisoft has announced the test server for the PC version of Rainbow Six Siege is once again live. You can log into the test server to try out and provide feedback for several gameplay changes and bug fixes coming to Siege.

One of the more noteworthy changes is adding the option to enable or disable mouse scrolling inputs for weapon swapping. The mechanic has been in plenty of other competitive first-person shooters, and the PC Siege fanbase has been asking for Ubisoft to implement the feature since the game’s release.

The PC test server also updates Glaz’s OTs-03 so that it can no longer penetrate Castle’s barricades. A toggle has been added to both Montagne and Pulse’s special abilities too. The final gameplay update affects deployable shields. You will no longer be able to block other players from vaulting through a window by placing a shield next to it.

For the full patch notes, you can read Ubisoft’s blog post on Reddit. Below, we’ve listed the bug fixes that are live on the test server right now.

The test server is only live on the PC version of Rainbow Six Siege, but the game is also available for Xbox One and PS4.

Rainbow Six Siege Test Server Bug Fixes

  • Fixed – Mavericks blowtorch makes no sound on the first use on a wall.
  • Fixed – Clash is not able to use Observation Tool while shield is extended
  • Fixed – An LOD allows players on the Spitfire Courtyard roofs to see behind a corrugated steel wall through a 3rd floor window of Hereford Base
  • Fixed – Equipping a shield drops the fps by 10-20 on Hereford Base
  • Fixed – The FPS in Hereford Base Map Rework is unstable.
  • Fixed – Instead of disappearing when Echo’s Yokai hover drone is disabled, the “Jump” button appears greyed out
  • Fixed – Maestro’s gadget is vulnerable when placed on certain destructible surfaces and the surface is broken, specifically small pinstripe carpets
  • Fixed – Players can’t pick up Rook’s armor plates if the armor bag is deployed on a kettle in 3F Cigar Lounge in Kafe
  • Fixed – The Mouse Scrolling Wheel Functionality can’t be disabled (*it can now be disabled)
  • Fixed – While prone, using melee and standing up will switch the knife animation to shield.
  • Fixed – End of round timer does not stop when initiating the defuser plant at the last moment
  • Fixed – If Buck mounts Tachanka’s LMG Turret with the Skeleteton Key on and leaves, no interaction can be made with the turret afterwards
  • Fixed – The Bulletproof camera can’t be access by pressing Secondary Gadget button while you are in prone stance
  • Fixed – The caster is able to mute the voice chat of the player during a match by pressing tab


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