New Rainbow Six Siege Update Nerfs Grim Sky Maverick And Changes Three Older Operators


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Taking feedback from the Rainbow Six Siege Test Server for Operation Grim Sky, Ubisoft is implementing balancing patches for a few of the game’s Operators. One of the two new Grim Sky Operators, Maverick, is getting the most changes.

Players must have felt Maverick was too effective an Operator, as all of his changes are nerfs. His smoke grenade is being replaced with a stun grenade and his blowtorch’s volume is being made louder so that he can no longer easily hide where he’s cutting. Maverick’s blowtorch is also being made weaker against barbed wire, so the process of destroying it takes about twice as long as before. Ubisoft has heard that players want Maverick’s blowtorch to run through fuel faster and have a shorter range as well, but the developer is holding off on changing either for now.

In comparison, Operation Grim Sky’s other Operator, Clash, is getting no changes. Ubisoft reports that the team will continue to monitor her performance going forward, though.

Three of Siege’s older Operators are getting changes. Zofia is losing one of her concussion grenades, so it’s harder for her to single-handedly take over a room without a strategy. Glaz is also getting nerfed. A recent bug in Siege prevents him from being able to destroy Castle’s armored panels and Ubisoft has decided to keep it. Ubisoft is also planning a patch down the line to prevent Glaz from shooting through the panels entirely. Hibana is the only Operator getting a buff. She can now destroy a hatch with four of her pellets, instead of six.

Ubisoft has heard feedback concerning the length of Dokkaebi’s phone calls, but the team is passing on implementing any changes for her at this time.

Weapon recoil is also getting patched. Ubisoft is focusing on shotgun recoil for now. An update won’t be ready by the time Grim Sky launches, but Ubisoft will implement one before the new season is over. Ubisoft is also monitoring machine pistol recoil but has nothing planned for now.

The full patch notes for the updates coming to Operation Grim Sky prior to the expansion’s launch can be found on Siege’s website. Although it is not included on the game’s website, Siege tweeted out another change coming to Grim Sky: partial destruction to hatch reinforcements. This balances the meta of the game a little bit back towards the Attackers, who can now eventually get to hidden Defenders with enough explosives.

Operation Grim Sky launches this September. Rainbow Six Siege is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


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