‘Overwatch’: Fan Creates Amazing Widowmaker Fight Animation


Overwatch’s Widowmaker is anything but a hero in Blizzard’s FPS. The Sniper is cold, calculating, and ruthless in her kills. As a character in the game, she requires skill, and her tragic backstory shows that she is a team asset worth learning about.

The assassin is known for her aloofness towards her fellow Black Watch companions, but this fan-created short film shows her off in an entirely different light – baguette included.

The video above shows off a pretty typical match for a Widowmaker main. She’s a sniper, which means it’s alright to stay in a fixed point as long as it’s advantageous for the team. Still, many don’t utilize her skill set thoroughly, which usually results in a fed-up team.

The animation sequence shows off a Widowmaker then thrust into the action following her team’s urging where she wipes out the opposition with a crushing force. Impressive, iconic, and even a thrown in there One Punch Man reference for giggles. But then … it all went wrong.

As is usually the case for team members that might not be totally aware of their position, she’s standing right outside of the objective zone. No amount of impressive takedowns can account for not getting on the point and in this instance – those additional few inches cost the team the win.

We’ve all been there. A moment of silence for our brothers and sisters in Overwatch arms.

Now that that’s done, it is a hilarious video to show off the skills of the illustrious Sniper and it was really well done as well! The animations were fluid, the character representation was on point, and that snippet of real-time gameplay at the end added the perfect touch! Overall, well done!

Overwatch is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. What did you think about the video at the top of the article? Who is your go-to main in the popular Blizzard FPS? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below and tell us your thoughts on all things Overwatch.

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