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Overwatch Reveals Another Spooky Halloween Skin

Overwatch‘s Halloween Terror is coming back next week, and Blizzard has been teasing some of the cool new spooky-themed skins we can expect when the update hits. First it showed Doomfist as a Swamp Monster, and now it’s Moira’s turn. In a tweet, the company showed off the Legendary skin Banshee Moira.

So far, the skin reveals have been for relatively recent characters, which makes sense given that the original cast has had plenty of time to build up an impressive collection of scary skins over the last two Halloween Terror events. If this trend continues we may see new looks for Brigitte and Wrecking Ball on the way, since both of them are new to the Halloween festivities.

Halloween Terror will begin on October 9 and run through October 31. The company is keeping its exact plans under (mummy) wraps for the time being, but we know that it will bring about the usual cache of new skins to collect or purchase with credits. Blizzard usually puts old skins from the prior years’ events on sale as well.

The annual event will also continue the story of Junkenstein’s Revenge, a special PvE mode. In 2016 you were The Alchemist (Ana), the Gunslinger (McCree), the Archer (Hanzo), and the Soldier (Solder 76). In 2017 the story continued with The Countess (Widowmaker), the Swordsman (Genji), the Monk (Zenyatta), and the Viking (Torbjorn). The announcement included a poem that may give clues as to how the story will continue this year.


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