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HomeGaming NewsPatiphan gets massive 4K Dragonblade to capture Point A on Anubis

Patiphan gets massive 4K Dragonblade to capture Point A on Anubis

The third stop on the 2018 Overwatch World Cup tour brings us to Bangkok, Thailand. What better way to start the day then a match between the home team and Denmark? Casters and hosts alike were saying the Bangkok Group Stage would most likely be the closest of all the Group Stages – nobody could agree on who they thought would be the two teams to advance.

Sadly for the home team, Team Thailand wasn’t able to come through with a win to start things off in Bangkok, falling to Denmark 3-1. However, they were able to take the last map, Rialto, and walk away with at least one map in the bag.

The first two maps were just a lot of back and forth. A lot happened, but nothing happened. Both teams seemed to be having issues with overall synergy, and ultimate economy. While Mickie did an excellent job on Zarya at the end of the first round on King’s Row holding Denmark from completing, they ultimately lost the round because they couldn’t get a coordinated push together.

Despite the hometown team’s first match ending in a loss, Patiphan still came through on the Temple of Anubis with an epic four kill Dragonblade. This Dragonblade was exactly what Thailand needed to take the point and move on to Point B.

Team Denmark sees their second match at 1:15AM Pacific and 3:15PM Indochina against Team Spain, and Team Thailand’s next match of the day is against Team Australia, at 3:00AM Pacific, 5:00PM Indochina. For more information on when to chime in for the Bangkok Group Stage matches, check out our handy guide.

The featured image for this post was provided by Blizzard Entertainment.


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