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PUBG Datamine Uncovers Snow Map, New Game Modes

Now that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is fully available on Xbox One and PC, it’s time to see what’s next. According to a new leak, we’ve got tons of new features on the way – including a snowy terrain with the new map ‘Dihor Otok.”
Thanks to a pretty hefty new datamine, we’ve got our first look at a few new game modes on the horizon that are slated to arrive around the same time as the snowy mountains of Dihor Otok.

(Photo: Reddit)

The leak also revealed a few new points of interest, including:

  • Cosmodrome
  • DinoPark
  • Villa
  • Town
  • Cement Factory
  • Castle

The entire map will be covered with a dynamic snowy weather system as well as a new game mode called “conquest” that will allegedly work similarly to that of the Domination game mode in Call of Duty. This capture objective will be in addition to the Event Modes that are temporary additions to the game, as well as the coming of a new C4 mode and a new Night mode as well.
Not much is known at the time since this is a leak and in no way confirmed by the developers themselves. The new map is rumored to release this Winter, which makes sense, though anything specific we don’t know yet.
The new map looks amazing, especially being such a stark contrast to what’s already out: the desert in Miramar and the tropical stylings of Sanhok. The much colder approach will be interesting and it will absolutely help liven up the world of Battle Royale, that’s for sure!
In other PUBG news, did you see that Xbox recently revealed their new “Greaseproof” controller? It looks oddly cross when looking at the chicken background used in their promotional material, but at least looks more colourful than the official PUBG Xbox One controller that was also recently revealed.
With weekly updates, limited time Event Modes and more, there’s a lot to enjoy in the world of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. To stay in the know with all things PUBG, you can check out our Community Hub for the game right here!

Source: Reddit


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