Rage 2, Fallout 76, and DOOM Eternal – We explore Bethesda post-apocalyptia


“The original Rage was 50 shades of brown,” id Software studio director Tim Willits explains. “Mad Max was also 50 shades of brown. These biomes were kind of the inspiration for all of the colour and variety, which then kind of led to the characters, which led to the vehicles; the weapons, and then pushed into the menus, our marketing campaign, and the overdrive feature.” That last bit is a reference to the almost superhero or supernatural nanotrite abilities found in Rage 2 — which can turn just about any conflict into a deadly Dragon Ball Z cosplay convention. In the end it all adds up to create a distinct look and feel that is unlike anything else from Bethesda, where different gangs in different locations present a melting pot of diversity both in colour, story, and setting.



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