For some reason, even though Operation Shifting Tides has been out for over two weeks, Ubisoft released an animated trailer for the two newest Operators.

…The big reason is that because the Rainbow Six Siege cast of Operators is growing so fast and includes so many different countries and organizations, at some point Ubisoft needs to answer why they are teaming up, often to shoot their own colleagues. With Nighthaven being the first fictional organization, Ubisoft had the opportunity to tell an original story with Kali and Wamai. … Rainbow Six hires them A) so that nobody else does, and B) so that they can keep an eye on them.

…There is also a new item in the Rainbow Six Siege store called the Nighthaven R&D Collection.

The new animated trailer for Operation Shifting Tides, while a little late for the event, shows fans a bit of world building and lore in the Rainbow Six world.

 Source: Ubisoft