Using the tilt shift effect, we’ve turned the bustling landscapes & towns of Red Dead Redemption 2, into miniature versions of themselves! Showing off Saint Denis, Blackwater, Valentine & other areas of the map using the tilt shift effect.


Red Dead Online Guides explained the process on Reddit:

RDR doesn’t have Rockstar Editor or any cool in game recording functionality like GTA had, so I had to use an open camera mod & trainer that’d allow me to place my character in, yet hidden away so everything rendered properly with minimal pop-in, then I could go far out with a camera and mess with the field of view/zoom etc.

Then using [Adobe Premiere], I’d add a color change (saturation to make it a bit toy like) and a blur to try and fake the depth of field/perspective since I can’t do that in game.. Lastly I’d adjust the playback speed & framerate so the end result is something similar to RDR2 if it was a Cities Skylines expansion.



Source: Red Dead Online Guides