Rune Ragnarok’s Savage Viking Battles Hitting Early Access


Less Than A Month Till You’re Beating People With Their Own Severed Limbs

Rune is a world of savage viking battles amidst the foretold end of days. It follows then that said battles should be brutal affairs. Crushed skulls and severed limbs, you know? With Rune Ragnarok entering Steam Early Access next month, players will have a chance to see firsthand just how nasty viking battles can get.

Rune Ragnarok Savage Viking Battles

According to the Project Leader Chris Rhinehart, you’re able to actually rip off an enemy’s arm and beat them to death with it. Given that this is a PVP-heavy title, that means players can spend all their time de-limbing their opponents for some truly disgraceful kills.

There’s more to the combat, of course. You acquire powers and weapons by currying favor with specific gods, all gathered to take on Loki himself during Ragnarok. Along with a host of monsters and other players. Essentially, if you’re itching for some glorious combat during the end of the world, Rune has you covered. The game is entering early access on September 19th, 2018. There’s founders packs available, and the first ten thousand people to pre-order any version of the game will get a copy of the classic Rune from all the way back in the year 2000. You can check out the game in the trailer below.

SOURCE: Press Release



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