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Sea of Thieves Premieres a Forsaken Shores Trailer and Talks Up Rowboats

Regular players of Sea of Thieves are pretty familiar with the general tension of swimming from shore to your boat, laden with a treasure chest and hoping you’re not accosted by a hungry shark. Those days will be over as the Forsaken Shores update continues to spin up towards its launch with information about rowboats and a new teaser trailer showing a bit of everything else.

Rowboats should be pretty self-explanatory; they’re small vessels that will let players paddle from their larger vessel to shore and back, loading it with treasure as they see fit, whether that be found chests or individual items like wood, cannonballs and bananas that can be stuffed into an on-board storage locker.

Players will be also happy to note that the rowboat won’t be associated with only large vessels, letting every size craft bring a rowboat along. You’ll also want to have a rowboat moored to your craft, as the volcanic islands arriving in the Forsaken Shores update can super-heat the surrounding water and cook swimmers alive.

Speaking of the locations in Forsaken Shores, there’s the aforementioned new teaser trailer that provides a look at the perils these new islands will provide along with what looks like some of the new cosmetics players can earn. That video is attached below.

Our Thoughts

Making the islands enemies in their own right definitely puts a whole new wrinkle to the usual beats of finding resources or treasures. We’ll be looking forward to knowing what other things await players on the Forsaken Shores in a couple of weeks.

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