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HomeGaming NewsSea of Thieves update 1.3.1 includes Cargo Runs

Sea of Thieves update 1.3.1 includes Cargo Runs

Sea of Thieves update 1.3.1 has now set sail for download, adding a new mission type for the Rare-developed pirate-’em-up in the shape of Cargo Runs.

These are pretty simple missions to undertake, and allow you to increase in rank in the Merchant Alliance. You simply accept the contract, find the required cargo, and then bring it to the requested destination. Simples!

Players are rated based on various factors, including the time it takes you to complete the mission and how well the goods were handled. In other words, if you make the delivery pretty sharpish and the cargo’s in good nick, you will get the best reward.

Elsewhere, Skeleton Ship rewards have now been buffed so that you receive four Skeleton Captain Chests and four Skeleton Captain Skulls. 

Be sure to have a gander at the full list of patch notes here

Sea of Thieves was released on PC and Xbox One back in March, although we weren’t totally blown away by it at launch. To be fair, it’s come quite a long way since then, with a number of key updates helping to flesh things out. 


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