Skidmark-maker V-Rally 4 launches with high-octane trailer


Gettin’ revved up

This week sees the return of BigBen Interactive’s mud-ripping racing sim V-Rally 4. The latest entry in the classic series popped up on digital storefronts yesterday for PS4 and Xbox One, with a physical release hitting what we oldies used to call “shops” today.

A new trailer showcases the effort put in by developer Kylotonn Racing to create the fast, dangerous, wheel-spinning world of rally-driving. A bevy of high-performance vehicles are on offer, just waiting to get absolutely caked in mud as they burn around off-road tracks in various international locations such as England, China, Monument Valley and even the frozen lands of Siberia.

Available today for PS4 and Xbox One, V-Rally 4 will also be coming to PC on September 25, and Nintendo Switch at a later date. Just don’t forget the words of the immortal Alan Partridge: “Whilst driving like this might be big and clever on the rally track, it certainly isn’t, on a housing estate. Remember… lives matter.”

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