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Star Citizen Made Fun Of In New Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Trailer

Rebel Galaxy, a popular space trading and combat simulation video game, is getting a prequel called Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. This time around, you’ll be leaving the captain’s chair of a capital ship and cozying up in a small gunship.

Outlaw puts you in control of Juno Markev, a rebellious pilot who’s climbing the criminal ladder. You’ll fly your way through a single-player campaign, blasting through enemy threats as you complete missions. According to the game’s FAQ page, there’s over 21 hours of radio music for you to listen to while you’re flying. Between missions, you can gamble or play pool and place bets for new ship parts and upgrades.

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A new PSA for Outlaw reveals more details about the game, and finishes up by making fun of Star Citizen‘s pattern of charging its players exuberant fees. This purposively hurtful but playful tone makes up the core of Outlaw’s humor, and can be seen in clips that Rebel Galaxy has tweeted out–like this one where Juno flips off an enemy pilot, spouts a one liner, and shoots them down.

Outlaw won’t feature a multiplayer component and launches on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in early 2019. The PC version of the game will have both HOTAS and mouse/keyboard support, and include features for modding. The game costs $30/€30.


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