State Of Decay 2’s Daybreak DLC Is Out Now


Daybreak is almost a bit of a misnomer for the second DLC pack for State of Decay 2, as it’s all about what happens during the hours of darkness. The Daybreak Pack features a new horde mode where up to four players take on the role of Red Talon soldiers and try to defend a technician that’s trying to repair a satellite relay.

You’ve got top end gear to use, with 21 new ranged, melee and deployable weapons, all of which can be unlocked for the base game as well – you can also bring a Red Talon soldier into your community. Of course, being a horde mode there’s tons of zombies and extra dangerous freak zombies coming your way. One of those freaks is the new Blood Plague Juggernaut, which does exactly what it sounds like, able to batter your defences and infect you with the Blood Plague.

Daybreak wraps up the two part Add-On Pack that was announced prior to the game’s launch, meaning there’s nothing of note on the horizon for the game. Hopefully we’ll hear what Undead Labs have planned for the game’s future soon, whether it’s continuing to expand it or looking to new projects as part of Microsoft Studios.

Source: Xbox



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