Last week, just before PAX West, we got a very short teaser for The Binding of Isaac: Repentance. The teaser just gave us a name and no other information, but we now know what this new piece of content is going to be.

Repentance will be the third and final paid expansion for The Binding of Isaac. We’ve heard Ed McMillan say that about expansions before, but he really means it this time, he says.

The DLC is based on an unofficial mod for The Binding of Isaac called Antibirth, but the content will be altered to make it better fit with McMillan’s vision of canon for the game. The DLC will also contain brand new cutscenes,  new story content, and a bunch of other new additions. Additionally, rather than using the music from the mod, the DLC will feature new music from the original game’s composer, and will presumably be available on consoles unlike the PC only mod.

The DLC does not currently have a release date, but we should have more information in the coming weeks and months.