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The Elder Scrolls: Legends | Chaos Arena – Wabbajack Edition: September 14 – 17

Chaos Arena is back with its wild take on the Versus Arena! However, there’s an extra twist this time around…

Sheogorath has entrusted you with his precious Wabbajack to use in this event. Five times during the Arena draft, you may tap into the mysterious staff’s unpredictable power to completely re-roll your selection of cards.

The rarity of the cards changed with the Wabbajack stay the same, but everything else is random – you could even wind up drafting cards outside your chosen attributes!

TESL Wabbajack in-body

Once your Wabbajacked deck is complete, it’s Chaos Arena as usual – or at least, as ‘usual’ as an event run by the Daedric Prince of Madness can be. Expect strange lane conditions and rules to test your skill, luck and sanity!

This special Chaos Arena begins Friday, September 14 and ends Monday, September 17. Each entry costs either 150 Gold or 1 Event Ticket.


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