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The Internet Reacts to Henry Cavill Playing Geralt in Netflix’s The Witcher

Henry Cavill, the DC movie universe’s Superman, will be playing Geralt of Rivia in the upcoming Witcher television series, Netflix said today. Fan reactions have been mixed to horny.

The Witcher has a devoted fanbase both in author Andrzej Sapkowski’s native Poland and abroad, so the series’ showrunners had a lot on the line with this announcement. Cavill, who is a huge fan of the books and games, confirmed it today with a cute little Instagram post:

Source: Instagram

Showrunner Lauren Hissrich also tweeted to confirm the news, and seems really excited to work with Cavill.

Still, for some fans, nothing can beat what they imagined in their heads. Not everyone is disappointed though. While a few people were hoping for someone like Mads Mikkelsen, others are just happy that Geralt is hot.

Images: Tumblr

Images: Tumblr

Image: Tumblr

Images: Tumblr


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