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HomeGaming NewsThis Dark Souls mod brings CJ from GTA San Andreas to Lordran

This Dark Souls mod brings CJ from GTA San Andreas to Lordran

Carl Johnson performing Dark Souls’ most famous gesture is a joy to behold. Praise Grove Street. 

Creator Drop0ff says CJ’s likeness in CJ Carl Johnson From GTA SA DSR replaces the Hard Leather Set—meaning Warrior class Dark Souls: Remastered players can control the GTA San Andreas protagonist in Lordran from the outset. 

Here’s some more screens:

As far as superficial skin mods go, I’m all about this one. Drop0ff pays thanks to Souls modder Meowmaritus for their DSFBX tool, which lets you import models from other games. 

And with that in mind, seasoned Souls streamer Zullie The Witch reckons the Dark Souls mod scene has “the potential to get a whole lot stranger”. Which, given what’s already out there, should be interesting. 

More information, including installation instructions, on Drop0ff’s CJ Carl Johnson From GTA SA DSR mod can be found via that link. 


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