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HomeGaming NewsThis 'Fallout 3' Mod Adds a New Quest of "Untold Riches"

This ‘Fallout 3’ Mod Adds a New Quest of “Untold Riches”

With Fallout 76 coming soon, it’s understandable that so many long-time fans of the franchsie may have the Wasteland on the brain. One of the best entries to date continues to be Fallout 3 and this ‘Washington’s Malevolence’ mod is the perfect thing to keep that glorious narrative alive and well.
According to the mod’s creator, “Washington’s Malevolence is a DLC-sized quest mod that enables the player to travel to Maddox Island in the Chesapeake Bay, in search of the old Rocky Cape Bank, a pre-War bank said to house untold riches. Along the way, the player will get to explore the island, visit several new locations, and meet different people from different backgrounds that will shape and mold the events that take place during the player’s visit.”
He added, “This project has been a self-built labor of love for the past 5 years of my life. Without the help of a great team of voice actors, this project may have never seen the light of day.”
That passion and attention to detail is evident in the video at the top of the article. For those that may be super particular about lore however, he did mention a small notice of warning due to the fact that this has been in development for so long – long before Fallout 4 released or 76 was announced:
“As this project has been in development for so long, there may contain locations, names, and events that conflict with established canon from Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. This mod is NON-CANON, and will likely contain elements that conflict with the lore of the Fallout universe as it stands today.”
He also opened up about how the voices came to be as well, “The project was initially completely voiceless; however, after some consideration, I decided I would attempt to get as many of the roles voiced as possible. Some roles are as of release un-voiced; only a few roles were left that way because I couldn’t find anyone to do the voices for them.”

You can learn more about the mod, and how to download it, right here on its official Nexus Mods page.


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