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This page contains tips for the Open Beta for Battlefield V.

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Here you’ll find multiplayer strategies for both solo play and joining squads, as well as tips for surviving the single-player War Stories mode and Combined Arms co-op missions.

Before you begin playing in any mode, look through the available assignments and take as many as possible. In the open beta, there are assignments for every class, as well as one specific to the open beta which will earn you the open beta Dog Tags in the full game upon completion. These assignments will offer you extra experience which you’ll need to unlock upgrades and specializations.

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Like other games before it, Battlefield V drops you into a four-person squad in multiplayer. Stay as close to your squad as possible, letting them watch your back and sides while you return the favor.

Each weapon has a unique set of upgrades you can unlock. It’ll benefit you to pick a weapon you like early on, as each one has its own rank and experience that you’ll need to unlock its upgrades.

Upgrading weapons can provide tons of benefits, from faster aiming and reloading to increased accuracy and damage.

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Before you dive in, make sure you’ve selected the right class. Each class has unique loadouts and abilities, meaning it’s critical you make the right choices. Keep an eye on what the rest of your squad is using, too. If they’re all assault, choose an engineer or medic; they’ll need it.

Medics are critically important, as being revived (and revived quickly) is critical to your success or failure as a squad. Both sides begin with a set number of respawns at the beginning of each match, and each death predictably chips away at that total number. Being revived, however, saves some of those precious respawns from being taken away by the enemy.

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Narvik is littered with secrets and shortcuts. Seeking out secret passages, tunnels and the like will help you maintain an edge over your enemies, especially when trying to capture objectives and hold them. Look for drainage pipes, wrecked buildings and other environmental cover to complete your objectives while remaining out of sight.

In Conquest, you’ll be capturing objectives, and you can actually do it while you’re safely tucked away indoors. Wherever you can (like in the drainage pipe on Objective C in Narvik), crawl inside a small safe space and wait for the points to come rolling in. Having a wall to your back means there’s one less place to get shot from, and if you lay prone inside the building, you might get the drop on an enemy with the same idea.



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