The Making of Monument Valley photo

David Fernández Huerta, Studio Art Director at ustwo games, will explore the creative process followed by the team that created the beautifully minimalist Monument Valley games. After the talk, take the opportunity to try Land’s End, another VR adventure game from the creators of Monument Valley, made specifically for Oculus Go.

Starting with the critically acclaimed ‘Monument Valley’, Fernández Huerta will discuss the difficulties of creating a sequel to it, taking the learnings of the first game and expanding them in unexpected directions. He will look at the ways in which the Monument Valley team solidified a vision for the game and all the challenges that came with making that vision a reality.

David Fernández Huerta is Studio Art Director at ustwo games

Presented by London ACM Sigrapph for London Design Festival at the V&A.

Part of London Design Festival at the V&A