Watch the first trailer for Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s next DLC, featuring a loved-up Hans Capon


Warhorse Studios has released a teaser trailer for its next serving of Kingdom Come: Deliverance DLC, called the Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon, in which you’ll help Sir Hans win the heart of Karolina, the butcher’s daughter. 

I hated Sir Hans early in the game, but he slowly grew on me, so I’ll probably be happy to lend him a hand. He wants Henry to sneak some jewelry and a love letter into Karolina’s trunk but, judging by dead bodies and the angry butcher in the trailer, it won’t be quite as simple as it sounds. In total, it should take you a chunky 10-15 hours to complete, Warhorse told PCGamesN.

You’ll be able to pick up the quest at the end of the game or by making friends with Sir Hans earlier on.

We don’t yet have a concrete release date, but Warhorse says it’ll arrive in roughly a month alongside a free DLC called Tournament, which adds combat tournaments throughout the world. You can compete in them to win armour sets and money,  but first you’ll have to finish a quest chain that will last around five hours.

Amorous Adventures will be followed by a number of other paid and free DLCs—the two big, story-driven ones are called Band of Bastards, due late in the year, and A Woman’s Lot, which will arrive next year. For the full DLC roadmap, click here.



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