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HomeGaming NewsA brand-new open-world Harry Potter RPG has leaked online

A brand-new open-world Harry Potter RPG has leaked online

Every Potter fan’s dream has come true as an open-world Harry Potter RPG trailer leaks

A new Harry Potter video game trailer has leaked online and it looks exactly what Potterheads have been hankering for all these years.

The unnamed Harry Potter game was leaked by YouTube user “RastaPasta” who posted a reported trailer for the game onto Reddit with a handful of information that sounds like it was lifted directly from a press release.

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According to the post, the unnamed Harry Potter RPG is set in a 19th Century wizarding world and centres around a custom character who’s entered into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a 5th-year student due to your latent magical abilities. Strange events begin to unfold in Hogwarts’ Forbidden Forest soon after your arrival and it’s your job to team up with Professor Elezar Fig to uncover the origin of these mysterious events.

The video suggests that you can become one of eight different wizard types, see and explore Hogwarts in an open-world environment, enjoy a deep magic and magic-based combat system and set up your own witch or wizard and partake in Hogwarts house activities. Essentially, it’s every Potterhead’s wet dream.

There’s no official news on the existence of a Harry Potter RPG, and there’s no Harry Potter branding on the leaked trailer either. However, the trailer features many references to the Harry Potter franchise with wizarding terms and aesthetics. It’s also far too well produced to in terms of gameplay footage to be a simple hoax. Even if it’s nowhere near release, someone is working on a huge Harry Potter RPG project.

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Interestingly, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment did launch a new Harry Potter-focused developer last year under the name of Portkey Games. As Warner Bros own the Harry Potter license, it would fall to Portkey to spearhead the project. As Siliconera reports, it’s also believed that Disney Infinity developer Avalanche Software could be behind the project.

The next chance of an official unveiling is during Paris Games Week. Failing that, it could be announced at The Game Awards later this year.


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